The Co-expression Meta-analysis of miRNA Targets (CoMeTa) procedure is based on the assumption that the targets of a given miRNA are likely to be co-expressed and therefore to belong to the same miRNA gene network. The CoMeTa tool aims at the inference of miRNA targets and miRNA-regulated gene networks by integrating expression data from hundreds of cellular and tissue conditions.

Through this database it is possible, for each miRNA, to access to the following data

  1. miRNA target predictions (CoMeTa targets link),
  2. functional roles of the predicted miRNA regulated network (COOL link),
  3. composition of communities of miRNAs predicted to act on similar subset of targets and functional pathways.


Vincenzo Alessandro Gennarino, Giovanni D'Angelo, Gopuraja Dharmalingam, Serena Fernandez, Giorgio Russolillo, Remo Sanges, Margherita Mutarelli, Vincenzo Belcastro, Andrea Ballabio, Pasquale Verde, Marco Sardiello, and Sandro Banfi.
Identification of microRNA-regulated gene networks by expression analysis of target genes.
Genome Res. 2012 June 2012 22: 1163-1172; Published in Advance February 15, 2012.